This is our board with great skills and the best attitude to help

Wayne Miller

President and Director

Is a licensed massage therapist and an entrepreneur. He studied at Duke University for neurological, muscle and nerve conduction testing. 

He has also designed and filed many patents for various inventions and products throughout the years.

Upon the development of the Solution Cream, he aided his father, Dr. Bruce Miller, in creating the Burn Solution Foundation in order to help those who are in a great need.  Wayne Miller works tirelessly behind the scenes to help run the foundation and make sure it operates smoothly.

Douglas Chinchilla

Vice President and Director

Professional with a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering.

He studied in Costa Rica at Latina University which is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and part of the largest network of universities worldwide called Laureate International Universities. 

He has also an extensive career path on several fields including automation, management, reporting and workforce management.

Upon the creation of the Burn Solution Foundation Douglas Chinchilla offered his knowledge, skills and experience in order to assume several tasks including all IT related and administration roles so he can be part of this great cause.

Alexis Miller


Alexis Miller is currently working towards a degree in crime scene and forensic technology. 

Her background assists her with paying attention and attending to the smaller and more tedious aspects of the foundation.